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Global Footprint

Our call centers are supported by a well-trained, career-oriented, performance-driven and multilingual staff of over 7,000 – fluent in English, Spanish and French. Each center is strategically located in areas of the United States, Mexico and the Philippines. We’ve built our reputation by being able to consistently provide the attention to every call that it deserves and enable our clients' business to be open and serving customers, at the highest level of service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From expanding existing locations to opening new dedicated facilities and developing client-specific solutions, Results has the resources and experience to seamlessly respond to our clients’ growth opportunities.

United States

By building call centers domestically – and in non-metropolitan areas – we’ve significantly reduced our overall attrition, providing our clients with a more stable workforce, allowing them to become true "program champions." Our clients are able to take advantage of more mature and seasoned agents, more community support and a stronger work ethic.


We place a tremendous amount of emphasis on ensuring that our near-shore agents have exceptional English dialect along with clear, crisp and articulate voices. Our near-shore and offshore facilities are chosen for their cultural affinity to the United States, and our agent selection is very stringent to ensure they can provide the voices of our clients no matter where they are located.