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Compliance Approach

Our clients' proprietary information is held in the strictest of confidence at both the data security and call center level. The Results Companies is very active in the regulation policies of the American Teleservices Association, the Direct Marketing Association, SOCAP and the FTC/FCC and TCPA regulatory rulings. We are a PCI Level 1 Certified and HIPAA-compliant organization and we maintain stringent compliance guidelines set forth by those agencies as well.


Data Centers and Security

  • Centralized and redundant NOC(s) for all points of termination.
  • Call data securely stored in redundant databases or file systems with strong physical and logical access controls.
  • High degree of monitoring and alerting for all critical infrastructure, systems and applications.

Networks and Security

  • Firewalls, private circuits and VPN tunnels are used to segregate information by client need and to ensure no blending of data.
  • Intrusion detection is deployed to all centers to alert on known attacks in real time.
  • Wireless networks are forbidden to be connected to any trusted network. A zero tolerance policy is enforced for unauthorized wireless usage.

Workstations and Security

  • Workstation operating systems and software are standardized, hardened and centrally managed to maintain proper control of the client environment.
  • All removable media is controlled or restricted 
(USB/CD/DVD drives).
  • No proprietary or confidential data is stored on production workstations.
  • Secure connectivity is used for client applications 
and data sources.
  • Workstations are protected by Norton anti-virus software.

Transmission Security

  • Proprietary and confidential data is protected by industry-standard and approved encryption such as AES and 3DES.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • All data centers and call centers have facility-specific BCP & DR plans.
  • These plans are updated as needed and tested at least once annually.

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