100% quality in 100% of your calls

Industry-Leading Quality Assurance

Results’ Quality Assurance philosophy is one of continuous improvement based on 360-degree view of customer interactions.

We blend traditional business experience with progressive methodologies and technologies to offer the industry’s most comprehensive approach to QA regardless of channel; voice, email, chat, etc.  Business and behavioral insights highlighted by our speech technology  allow near real time  review and analysis. Opportunities and best practices  are quickly operationalized into actionable recommendations  that drive continuous enhanced quality.

Key components of Results’ Quality Assurance program include:

  • Voice and Screen Data Collections: Understanding current business needs and with Results technology, we are able to evaluate on a valid sample size, relevant transactions, ensuring QA feedback is addressing the latest needs and identifying such areas as outliers, best practices, compliance defects and sales conversion opportunities.  This is all in effect to ensure a closed loop improvement process that enables Results operations to have a quicker speed to proficiency than our competitors
  • Overall Call and Voice Quality: Measurement of a range of behavior indices that drive key metrics including call opening, initial customer engagement, understanding of customer need, use of soft skills throughout call, proper use of tools and many other factors.
  • Regulatory/Business Rule Compliance: Operational Verifications teams work 100% of calls, identified through tuned speech technology reporting, that have some deviation from the defined disclosures, for items identified as regulatory or disclosure compliance; ensuring accurate information is given to customer, customer permission/verbal contract for any plan/subscription changes, payment or authorized transaction is the ultimate goal within the verification process
  • Alert Process: Pre-defined Alert Criteria, to identify contacts monitored under any Quality method, with alert sent to Supervisor and Site Management and Training team for follow-up.
  • Overall Customer Experience: Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction Surveys utilizing a Net Promoter Methodology are conducted  internally through Results’ IVR CSAT Process. With this information Results focuses on  Customer Satisfaction best practices and can give faster insights to customers on NPSand/ or CSAT ratings.

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