Hire to impress.

Proven Recruitment Strategies

To be the greatest, we hire the greatest. Attracting, screening and selecting qualified, Partner-specific candidates is a top priority for The Results Companies. We are continually enhancing our agent recruitment strategies and employing both traditional and contemporary channels to obtain the very best talent available.


  • Using social media to identify world-class candidates globally
  • Mastering the art of qualifying and quantifying future agents by committing to Partners' expectations and desires
  • Establishing relationships with all local communities in an effort to maximize the recruitment of college/university students
  • Leveraging the highly educated workforces and under-employed resources in our markets

Talent Matching Solution with Cornerstone

The Results Companies has engaged in a strategic partnership with Cornerstone, the leading provider of science-based, on demand talent matching and intelligence solutions. Their talent intelligence platform brings the power of selection science, continuous improvement and the network effect to bear, which enables Results to identify, select and hire the best-fit candidates for Inbound Customer Service and Inbound and Outbound Sales Programs. Overall, it improves the customer experience, reduces costs, boosts sales and enhances the competitiveness of our services. Cornerstone provides assessment tools that are scientifically developed and based on Partner performance data to predict an individual’s likelihood of behaving or performing in certain desirable ways on the job.

Hiring Process

Our hiring philosophy sets us apart from our competitors. We take great care in our selection process and always hire with an emphasis on professionalism and character. Our focus is on helping new hires acquire the skills and experience needed to become successful agents and an extension of our partner brands.

  • Candidate Application – Through The Results Companies' website, candidates complete the online assessment and a voice audition is captured.
  • Assessment – Based on score, in-person interviews and additional Partner-specific requests, assessments are completed.
  • Interview – Candidates meet with a member of the Operations Team, who ensures they’re a good fit for the program.
  • Background Check – Due to the secure nature of our Partner's business, we ensure that all candidates are prepared to properly represent Results and Partner companies.
  • Reference Check – Candidates will provide at least two references to be verified by The Results Companies.
  • Scheduling – Upon hire, all candidates must agree via signature to a flexible work schedule.

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